Chiropractic Law Book


Chiropractor's Survival Guide
What Every Chiropractor Should Know about Texas Law

You're a chiropractor and entrepreneur. But you're not an attorney and may not know the ins and outs of Texas chiropractic law.

In The Chiropractor's Survival Guide: What Every Chiropractor Should Know about Texas Law, Wade will give you perspective some of the most important legal issues facing chiropractors today:

  • What is a Management Services Organization and how can it help you reduce expenses?
  • Should your practice be structured as a Professional Association, Professional Corporation or Professional Limited Liability Company?
  • What are the requirements for an enforceable Non-Compete Agreement?
  • How can you maximize Medicare reimbursement without running afoul of the complex fraud and abuse regulations?
  • And more!
Chiropractic Law Book

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Wade Emmert

Wade Emmert

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About the Author

I'm Wade Emmert. I have more than 20 years of experience representing health care providers in all facets of their practice – malpractice litigation, fraud and abuse, HIPAA compliance, credentialing, quality assurance, business structure, and contract negotiation.

I have seen health care providers at their best and at their worst. Professional schools are failing their students. They may impart to students the substantive knowledge of their profession, but they fail to teach them how to run the businesses that their practices will actually be. The result is a road paved with failed businesses.

This book won’t solve all your problems, but it will equip you with some critical knowledge and perspective needed to handle some of the problems you’ll face.

Most of you will also seek legal guidance in your career. I hope you will consider me when you hire an attorney. However, that’s not the primary aim of this book. Its aim is to help you become successful and avoid small problems now that will inevitably turn into large problems later. If this book can help you avoid some of those pitfalls, I’ll consider it a big success.

Please enjoy this journey.

— Wade Emmert